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You Too, Can Self-Publish, is a workshop that recounts my personal experiences from several books I have written, formatted, sized and designed covers without the help of a large Publishing company.  

What's Included?

In this workshop, you'll learn about how to layout your book, platforms, covers, social media and types of genres. You'll also receive a copy of my manual "You Too, Can Self-Publish."  

How Long Does It Take?

Normally, we set the time between 4-5 hours, depending on the group size. 

Who Will Train?

With the training, we normally have a publisher and a writer/author to give you the full effects of what to expect with launching your book.

If you have a group that wants to learn at once, there will be a discount afforded to you.

What You'll Come Out With?

An understanding and the know-how of how to layout your book, and launch it on Amazon and other platforms.

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For small groups to one-on-one training, we're there to serve you, giving you everything you need to provide an excellent book/project for your readers to enjoy.

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