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Sanado por las manos de Dios



Sanado por las manos de Dios es un libro de dos partes. La primera parte habla sobre mi viaje por la vida y la segunda se llama "La Copa Emocional". La Copa Emocional es un viaje que te lleva a sentarse y pensar sobre los diferentes eventos que sucedieron en tu infancia. Muchas veces, nosotros, como niños, pasamos por demasiados eventos que nos dejan cicatrices de por vida, a menos que nos curemos de los traumas. ¿Qué es la Copa Emocional? La Copa Emocional se basa en nuestras necesidades relacionales que deben cumplirse. La pregunta es si se cumplirán legítimamente, lo que dará como resultado relaciones saludables en las que se sentirá bien o se las encontrará de manera ilegítima, lo que provocará relaciones fracturadas en las que se sentirá mal.

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My Journey Through Grad


Take a trip with me on my journey through Grad-School/Human Services for Blended Families. This book gives an account of my discussionboard questions and my replies. There is also journal entries for you to log your thoughts, book references and a bonus of two of my interviews with a divorcee and a pastor counseling relationships. 

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Confessions: From My Heart to God


What is a confession of faith? It's an acknowledgment of sins to God, an act of asking for forgiveness to those we have wronged or those who think we have wronged them. The word of God says when we confess our sin, He is just and faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9. Also, a confession can be a declaration, a decree from our hearts of God's word, promises, principles , revelations or prophecies over one's life. In this book, I have gathered all these above to make it easier to decree, declare, confess and speak the promises and the word of God over your life. The more your speak, the more God manifests Himself. He is His word, and where His word is, He dwells. 

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The Boy Who Stood Out


Take a journey with Marvin, a 9-year-old student, who is smart, outgoing and have a love for books and computers. Though he was frown upon for being smart and African American, a teacher saw the gift in Marvin and gave him the courage to be who he was made to be. 

See what happened when someone believes in you!

Reading ages - PK - 3rd grade

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Looking For My Purpose in Life


A poetic book to encourage and empower children of all nationalities, colors, genders and economic statues, not to settle for less. You are great and your purpose and gifts are needed in the earth. 

Este libro también viene en español también

Reading ages: PK - 3rd grade

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My Mirror Encourages Me


All children need many forms of encouraging words from one time to another. This book intends to do just that. When children come to realize who they are and Whom they serve, they will find out encouragement sometimes does not come from the outside, but within. All they have to do is take a look in the mirror. 

English, Spanish, & French

Reading ages: PK - 3rd grade

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