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My Child Ain't No Different

This book is a collaboration of my dealings with raising two girls being a single parent. Every child is different but you will find something here to encourage you, no matter is you're a male or female single parent. This book comes in two sizes: 6x9 or 5.06x7.81

Do Something! Put Your Actions To Work

Often, we hear others say, "do what I say and not what I do!" This book was written from my journey of how my thought processes growing up. Learning to Share, Learning to Care, Learning to Forgive and Learning to Love, are all chapters in this book. This book size is 6x9

Learning to Love You:From the Inside Out

Our young girls of color are often bullied in school, for whatever reason. This story is based on a true story of mine, of how I was bullied for a physical flaw I had no control over.  Purchase to find out how Allie overcame this insecurity.This comes in a picture book and also has a personal empowerment journalTarget age: 3rd - 6th grade.

Children Books

My Mirror Encourages Me

All children need some form of encouraging words from one time to another. This book intends to do just that. When children come to realize who they are and Whom they serve, they will find out encouragement sometimes does not come from the outside, but within. All they have to do is take a look in the mirror. 

This book comes in English, Spanish /English subtitles and French/English subtitles. 

Teacher Sandi Gives An "A"

Teacher Sandi was very passionate about teaching her class, but every year she gets the most disruptive children who distracts her from doing what she loved most. Teacher Sandi was so disheartened she cried and some of the children saw her sadness. One day the classroom came up with a plan to put a smile of Teacher Sandi's face. What did they do?

Looking For My Purpose in Life

What happens when your young ones begin to share what's in their hearts? They are telling you about the dreams and visions they are aspiring to do in life. Encourage them to always look for their purpose in life.

This book is featured in Barnes & Noble Book Signing Brandon location